Chief Sanitary Inspectorate is the central office of government administration and supports the Chief Sanitary Inspector.  Chief Sanitary Inspectorate is in charge of the office, supported by two deputy Chief Sanitary Inspectors, Director-General and heads of organizational units included in the office, ie .:

  • Department of Health Promotion, Biostatistics and Analyses;
  • Department for Communicable Disease and Infection Prevention and Control;
  • Department of Environmental Hygiene;
  • Department of Water Health Safety;
  • Department of Food and Nutrition Safety;
  • Department of Functional Food;
  • Department for Inspection of Substitute Product;
  • Legal Department;
  • Department for Audit and Surveillance;
  • Department of Finance and Administration;
  • Department of International Cooperation and Border Sanitary Inspection;
  • Office of Chief Inspector;
  • Office od Director General.

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